Application for Admission

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The following is a sample application for admittance to a Wildflower school. This set of questions is provided to interested families via email. They cut and paste the questions into an email or document, fill it out, and return it. After parents have completed the questions, they meet with the Head of School and the Assistant Head of School to discuss their application together.


Application for Admission  

1.  What is your child’s name?

2.  What is your child’s age and birthdate?

3.  What is your child’s gender?

4.  When are you looking to enroll your child in school?

5.  What is your home address? What is the best phone number at which we can reach you? And what is the best e-mail address at which we can reach you?

6.  How did you hear about Wildflower Montessori?

7.  Please tell us about the child’s regular adult caregivers, including parents. For each adult, include the name, relationship to the child, and current employment. Please complete for each adult who regularly cares for your child in your home or theirs.

8.  Does your child have any siblings? If so, how old?

9.  Tell us about your child’s disposition. What is your child’s temperament and learning style? What five words would you use to describe your child?

10.  Describe your child’s social style. How quickly or slowly does your child acclimate to new environments? Does your child generally prefer to engage with a few trusted people or to explore new settings independently?

11.  Describe your parenting styles.  In what ways are your styles similar? In what ways are they different? (If there is only one parent involved in child-raising, please disregard the second two parts of this question.)

12.  Describe a typical weekday at your house. If you have a typical morning routine and/or evening routine, please describe those as well.

13.  How does your family spend a typical weekend day?

14.  Describe your ideal school and your ideal relationship between family and school. Why have you chosen Wildflower Montessori as a possible match for your family?

15.  What other schools are you considering?

16.  What attracts you to Montessori education? If you have any previous Montessori experience please describe it.

17.  Until what age do you intend on sending your children to Montessori school?

18.  A key aspect of Wildflower Montessori is regular involvement from families and caregivers. This includes our daily lunches (which may be attended by parents or non-parent caregivers), weekly Friday morning parent-child sessions, and monthly community-based learning events.  Do you anticipate any challenges to this level of involvement in the school?

19.  Families offer diverse experiences and unique gifts that strengthen school communities. Are there special skills or opportunities your family brings that could enrich our program?

20.  If there is anything else that you would like us to know about your child or family, please use this space to tell us.