Data Visualizations

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Classroom Data Visualizations

Observation is a key component of the Montessori Method. Teachers are trained to be constant, conscious, and astute observers of the child. You will often see the teachers in a Montessori classroom taking copious notes. We now have technologies that can allow us other methods of observation and analysis to complement the traditional ethnographic methods used by Montessori teachers. As an example, we put video cameras in the ceilings, which, along with image recognition software that we have written, determines what area of the classroom the child is in, and what material each child is working with. Because different classroom areas correspond to different curriculum areas in Montessori, and because each material teaches one thing, this data creates a clear picture of what the child is learning, and when. We may visualize this data to give a detailed picture of the child and the classroom to the teachers and parents.



Materials and Sections, Individual Child View

Volume and Interaction, All Children over the Day

Volume and Interaction, One Child's Tracks Weekly or Daily

Wildflower Floor Plan

Teacher Observation Card, from Notes to App