Research Guidelines

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The following research guidelines were written by Mary Rockett to aid in how best to do research studies in the classroom while maintaining a Montessori environment for the children.


The Montessori classrooms are child-centered, carefully prepared environments.  In order to maintain these environments, both for the children and teachers, we have put together a number of guidelines for conducting research in the classroom.

- Research should not interfere with the children’s freedom of movement or freedom of choice.

- Research should not change or interfere with the design or aesthetic of the classroom.

- No more than one researcher in the classroom while children are present.

- Approve any adjustments to the classroom at a mutually agreed upon time outside of times when children or faculty are present.

- Designate a point person in the lab and one point person in the classroom.

- Research protocols are co-designed by the head and assistant head of school, and approved by the head and assistant head of school one month prior to start.

- Distribute parental permissions or releases at least 10 school days prior to the start of the research.