Toddler Coop Curriculum

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Wildflower Toddler Home-Based Coop Curriculum

The following curriculum was developed by Marcia Hubelbank for guidance in structuring parent training for home-based toddler cooperatives.


Preparation of the Adult

- Rethinking the adult's role/relationship to the the child

- Respect for the child’s development and developing capabilities

- Understanding the concepts of the sensitive periods and  the unconscious absorbent mind

- Assisting development to support independence vs. dependence

- Finding your "Montessori Zone”


Physical Environments

- Maintaining  safe  and healthy environments

- Child size and child friendly

- Supporting ages and stages

- Supporting developmental integration

- Beautiful  and lovely (the adult is a part of the environments)

- Indoor environment (classroom) feels like home

- Outdoor environment:

    -ideally offers contact with the  natural world

    -is treated with the same respect as indoor environment

    -behaviors and activity guidelines are consistent with indoor


Guiding Behaviors - This is the real work of supporting social emotional development, a positive sense of self  and a positive classroom community

- Respect for every child and their process of development

- “Terrific Twos”  (not “Terrible Twos)

- Using routines and procedures  (sense of order) to support independence of participation

- How to effective and lovingly guide the toddler “will”  

- Creating and guiding activities

- Real life activities

- Provide for  the sensitive periods

- Formalization of activities  (with a clear  beginning, middle, end)

- The importance of transitions  

- The  combination  of open exploration and  didactic

- The adult’s ongoing work: observe, analyze, respond