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Resources for Embracing Equity

By August 22, 2017No Comments

As we prepare for a new school year in the wake of the tragic and hateful events in Charlottesville, we wanted to share some resources that we’ve come across to help parents and educators dismantle racism and foster a more peaceful world. We’re sure this list is incomplete and invite you to share informative resources we’re missing so we can help tools like these spread.

Ultimately, we must lean into the difficult work of allowing ourselves to feel the discomfort of acknowledging and naming racism – including our own complicity with racism. Though uncomfortable, it is necessary in order to begin to make change.   

As we kickoff our Embracing Equity series as well as re-enter our classrooms, we do so with the knowledge that we must do all we can to lay the groundwork for a more peaceful and just future.

Find a helpful resource that we’re missing? Let us know and we’ll continue building and sharing this list on our Embracing Equity website.



Daisy Han

Author Daisy Han

Daisy started her career as a diversity facilitator and consultant, where she first learned about Montessori education. Following an eight year career as a Montessori elementary and secondary educator, Daisy joined the Wildflower Foundation. She is a founding board member of Montessori for Social Justice and the director of curriculum at the Disruptive Equity Education Project.

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