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EVENT: Teacher Leader Stories on November 30

We are excited to invite you to our November TL Stories event featuring Tracy Epps of Ivy Montessori Children’s House and Jake Cohen of Clover Montessori.

Ivy Montessori Children’s House is located in Pittsburg, CA – a culturally and socioeconomically diverse community outside of Oakland. Ivy Montessori offers a high-quality Montessori education for children ages 2-5 years in a beautiful home learning environment. Furthermore, Tracy has a special interest in promoting healthy relationships between children and their caregivers, integrating families seamlessly into Ivy’s educational community.

Clover Montessori is an inclusive Montessori environment located in the heart of the Mt. Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA – an area also rich in socioeconomic and racial diversity. Clover serves children 2 years 9 months to 6 years and provides a child-centered approach to learning that celebrates each student’s individuality, autonomy, and innate curiosity. Clover also empowers children to be global citizens who seek justice.

Join us on November 30 at 6:30PM EST to hear the stories and experiences of these two incredible educator-entrepreneurs!

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Metamorphosis at Mariposa

How do we bring Montessori’s holistic, child-centered approach to the communities that need it most in Puerto Rico? How do we provide students who have experienced significant trauma a nurturing, safe educational environment where they can blossom and transform? These are the questions that catalyzed Mariposa Montessori. This innovative Montessori microschool operates in partnership with a shelter and care center for women and children who have survived domestic violence.

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Puerto Rico Partnerships Seed New Progress

While Montessori education is highly valued and sought after in Puerto Rico, residents have experienced significant disparities in access: Wealthier families historically have been able to choose and afford a high-quality Montessori education for their children, while families who earn lower and middle incomes have not.

Over the past eight years, a group of Puerto Rican Montessori educators, parents and community leaders have led a grassroots campaign to repair this inequity – growing what is now Wildflower’s second largest region of open schools.

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Introducing Black Wildflowers Fund

Wildflower is proud to introduce Black Wildflowers Fund, a sister organization of Wildflower committed to combating systemic racism in education. Founded by Co-CEOs Maia Blankenship and Dr. Erika McDowell, Black Wildflowers Fund has launched a groundbreaking $10 million initiative to invest in Black educators across the country and help close the leadership gap.

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Celebrating Wildflower Seedlings 2021-22

Every year, a new group of Wildflower schools peeks through the soil for the first time. Each new school is the culmination of a lifetime of learning and dreaming for its founders; collectively, they are a remarkable and diverse group of educators with visions for a more beautiful world. In the following pages, you will read the stories of 16 Teacher Leaders whose skills, passions, and life experiences sparked the creation of beautiful, community-embedded Wildflower schools.

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Montessori for Our Collective Liberation

Wildflower Schools – Minnesota hosted a virtual town hall with a panel of Black and Indigenous education leaders and institution-builders from around the United States. The panelists shared the life experiences, spiritual preparation, and practical skills they build upon to use Montessori education as a tool for racial justice and liberation.

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Our Grief

"To be loving is to be open to grief, to be touched by sorrow, even sorrow that is unending" - bell hooks

We hold the Uvalde community in our hearts as we mourn the devastating loss of 19 children and 2 teachers – so soon after 10 people in Buffalo were viciously gunned down in an act of racial terror, another person was killed in a house of worship, and after so many others have died due to gun violence.

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