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Introducing Black Wildflowers Fund

Wildflower is proud to introduce Black Wildflowers Fund, a sister organization of Wildflower committed to combating systemic racism in education. Founded by Co-CEOs Maia Blankenship and Dr. Erika McDowell, Black Wildflowers Fund has launched a groundbreaking $10 million initiative to invest in Black educators across the country and help close the leadership gap.  The fund will provide start-up capital to assist Black educators in opening their own schools, and award scholarships to Black educators seeking Montessori training.

“We want to make it crystal clear that Black educators have the experience and vision to transform the education system. They already know what works because they’ve seen it in the classroom and they’ve lived it. The more barriers that we can remove and get out of their way, the more it’s possible to create thriving learning environments for our children,” said Maia Blankenship, Co-CEO of Black Wildflowers Fund.

Please read the full press release here.

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