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EVENT: Teacher Leader Stories on May 25

We are thrilled to feature two schools in our network that opened recently! Join us in May to hear Beverlee and LaTania’s founding stories. Read below to learn more about these incredible Teacher Leaders and their new schools.

Beverlee is a veteran Montessori teacher, director, and consultant with experiences in schools across Trinidad, the US and China. She founded Ixora Montessori School to bring Montessori education to children ages 14 months to 6 years in the richly diverse community of Williamsburg, VA. Ixora works to embrace communities who have been marginalized or not well represented in traditional schools.

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Introducing Black Wildflowers Fund

Wildflower is proud to introduce Black Wildflowers Fund, a sister organization of Wildflower committed to combating systemic racism in education. Founded by Co-CEOs Maia Blankenship and Dr. Erika McDowell, Black Wildflowers Fund has launched a groundbreaking $10 million initiative to invest in Black educators across the country and help close the leadership gap.

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EVENT: Teacher Leader Stories on April 27

We invite you to join us in April for a time of conversations with Lixue (Tutu) and Katie!

Tutu is a Teacher Leader from Wisteria Montessori, a multilingual Montessori preschool located in a diverse community of Haverhill, MA. Montessori Peace Education is at the heart of Wisteria – helping children develop attitudes, skills, and behaviors to live in harmony with oneself, with others, and with the natural environment.

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EVENT: Teacher Leader Stories on March 23

Are you wondering about how you can bring an affordable Montessori education to communities that historically haven’t had access to it?

Join us in March to hear from Encarna and Nicole – Teacher Leaders of Sundrops Montessori and Snowdrop Montessori, schools with close partnerships with local affordable housing providers. You can read more about each school below.

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EVENT: Teacher Leader Stories on February 23

We are excited to host Melinda and Susana next month at our February TL Stories event!

Melinda is a Teacher Leader from Magnolia Blossom Montessori which serves children ages 1-6 in Louisville, Kentucky. She has recently decided to pursue new adventures following Wildflower, proud of what she and her team have accomplished together to provide a high-quality Montessori education to children from all backgrounds, while creating a work culture of autonomy with support.

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EVENT: Teacher Leader Stories on January 26

We look forward to continuing our monthly TL Stories series in 2023!

In January, we will be hosting Helen from Sundrops Montessori School and Marion from Capucine Montessori School. Sundrops is a primary program that emerged from the collective visions of the Teacher Leaders as well as El Rancho Verde affordable housing department

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Celebrating Wildflower Seedlings 2021-22

Every year, a new group of Wildflower schools peeks through the soil for the first time. Each new school is the culmination of a lifetime of learning and dreaming for its founders; collectively, they are a remarkable and diverse group of educators with visions for a more beautiful world. In the following pages, you will read the stories of 16 Teacher Leaders whose skills, passions, and life experiences sparked the creation of beautiful, community-embedded Wildflower schools.

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