Wildflower Schools in Washington, DC

What if high-quality Montessori schools were deeply embedded in every D.C. neighborhood, so that this model was readily available to all families? And what if the teachers in these schools had the autonomy and resources to adjust their educational approach to meet the needs and aspirations of the students in their neighborhoods? Wildflower Schools, a national ecosystem of Montessori micro-schools, is partnering with CityBridge to bring this vision to reality. Wildflower Schools DC will provides highly personalized identity-affirming learning environments that blur the lines between schools and the communities around them. Join us to create a regional hub for Wildflower that will empower a diverse group of Montessori teacher-leaders to undergo the school start up journey to create their own vibrant teacher-led 1-2 classroom microschools. For more information contact us at DChub@wildflowerschools.org