Diversity Initiatives

“The Wildflower Montessori Diversity Initiative is a relaxing, trusting, and safe environment. Being able to share our true selves with a group that understands, supports, and inspires me is the most helpful part of this prepared environment on my journey to opening a school.”

-Tutu Snow, 2017-18 Fellow

Diversity at Wildflower

Wildflower Schools actively seek to foster greater levels of diversity in our workforce and in our pipeline of future Teacher-Leaders.

We are eager to partner with the best and brightest talent who share our values and principles. True to the Montessori philosophy, we seek to "prepare the environment" for those who are internally motivated and passionate about their work so that they can contribute to their community and the world through education.

Wildflower Fellowship Program

Our Wildflower Fellowship program is designed to create pathways for diverse Teacher-Leaders in Massachusetts to join us. Wildflower Fellows are key to our aspiration to create, innovate, and diversify Montessori schools.

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