Embracing Equity

We at Wildflower Schools believe that embracing equity is an essential part of being a Montessori educator, and that embracing equity impacts how you interact with your students and their families. As stated in our equity principle, we are working to create diverse, inclusive learning environments that work for justice as the foundation of peace.

Embracing Equity is the first of its kind in Montessori education to explicitly address equity across schools and geographic boundaries. The Embracing Equity programs offer mindful actions towards racial healing, community-building, and peace beyond the rose and into the roots.

In the fall of 2017, Wildflower Schools shared an initial pilot of Embracing Equity. Participants engaged in five cohort meetings from August – March delving deeply into a self-exploration with the support of a community. Although the pilot has finished, Wildflower Schools continues to support the Embracing Equity program. To learn more about Embracing Equity and to see how you or your organization an participate, please visit embracingequity.org.