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Wildflower Massachusetts Infant + Toddler Initiative

The need for safe, affordable, and high-quality early education and childcare options in the state of Massachusetts has long been a pain point for many parents and caregivers. There are two parts to this problem. First, there are simply not enough childcare spots available to meet the need for childcare. This has become even worse as a result of COVID-19, with estimates suggesting that the state of Massachusetts will lose 30% of total childcare capacity. In addition to there not being enough childcare available, those that are available are out of reach for many families financially.

To address this need, Wildflower Massachusetts, in partnership with our Teacher-Leader Board of Advisors and Parent Advisory Group, is launching the Infant + Toddler initiative. The Infant + Toddler initiative is designed to make high quality, equitable Montessori early education more available in Massachusetts.

We are currently seeking experienced infant/toddler teachers who share our passion for the early years and our commitment to educational equity. There are three parts to the initiative:

  1. Scholarships for individuals experienced working with infants and toddlers to pursue a Montessori certification, with the goal of opening their own Wildflower Montessori microschool in the next 18 months. We consider experience broadly, including individuals who have previously worked in infant and toddler programs and parents who have a passion for the early years.
  2. Microgrants to support Montessori educators in launching their own Wildflower schools. This program is designed to support AMI and AMS trained Montessorians in creating their own Wildflower Seedling School, serving 10 children.
  3. For both individuals pursuing Montessori training and individuals working toward opening a school, you will be supported with a cohorted accelerator program to build the skills and network supports to successfully launch and lead a microschool. Individuals can participate in the accelerator program even if you do not receive a scholarship or a microgrant, but would like support in opening your own Wildflower School!

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