Wildflower Schools in Massachusetts

Wildflower began as an idea launched out of the MIT Media lab as a partnership between parents and teachers who envisioned a new, community-centric educational model. Today, Wildflower has become a national movement of schools all across the country.
In Massachusetts, Wildflower is strategically growing a hub — a regional cluster of schools that are opened or in the process of opening. Our goal is to create schools that are representative of the communities in which they are located, as we work toward a liberated future for all children.

The Wildflower network has a deep commitment to building intentionally diverse, small, authentic Montessori environments that support the leadership of teachers, the principles of Wildflower, and, most importantly, the thriving of children.

We believe equity in education is achieved when schools are owned and operated by people representative of the communities from which they emerge. Because of this, Wildflower Schools are inherent extensions of their communities and are greatly influenced by the identity of each teacher leader.

With this understanding rooting our purpose, Wildflower focuses on supporting educators in attaining the skills and resources they need to launch and lead Wildflower Montessori schools. We are seeking educators with a deep commitment to creating schools that are representative of their community and that act as vehicles for education equity.

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Open a School in Massachusetts

Wildflower Schools are tiny (1-2 classroom), community embedded, teacher-led, intentionally racially and socioeconomically diverse Montessori Schools. We are committed to providing each child and family what they need for a liberatory education, finding their purpose and fulfilling their potential. Because of our nimble model, we are able to operate in response to community interest as independent, public, or innovation schools.

The School Startup Journey 

Are you an innovative, equity-minded, and entrepreneurial Montessori educator? Explore the process of designing a Wildflower School.


The Infant + Toddler Initiative

Wildflower MA is currently offering Montessori training scholarships for experienced infant/toddler teachers seeking to become Montessori certified.

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Upcoming Job Fair

Current Job Openings

Toddler Montessori Co-teacher at Snapdragon Montessori
Cambridge, MA
Primary Montessori Co-teacher at Dandelion Montessori
Somerville, MA
Aftercare Teacher at Dandelion Montessori
Somerville, MA
Summer Program Teacher at Lotus Montessori Academy
Quincy, MA
Aftercare Teacher at Marigold Montessori
Haverhill, MA
Classroom Assistant at Wisteria Montessori
Haverhill, MA
Classroom Assistant at Snowdrop Montessori
Haverhill, MA
Toddler Teacher at Snowdrop Montessori
Haverhill, MA