Due to COVID-19, Lotus Montessori Academy is continuing our Montessori program at a distance. While our physical location remains closed, the ongoing support and education of your children remain our top priority. 

The preschool and elementary program that develops ALL of your child’s skills (social, emotional, cognitive, language, and physical) and cultural awareness.

We are excited to announce that the Lotus Montessori Academy Distance Learning Program will  be offered to children from 2.9 to 9 years-old. 

  • Perhaps you are afraid to send your child/children back to school this fall or you feel that you need support for your homeschool program.  We are now sharing quality Montessori education with any child anywhere in the world!

This program gives families the opportunity to access curriculum, teachers, and the Lotus Montessori Academy community. 

Individualized Support 

  • Live virtual lessons with an accredited Montessori teacher.
  • Curriculum in core subjects: math, language, science, practical life, sensorial, geography and more!
  • Individualized assessments and direction for your child/children.
  • Materials delivered to your home monthly! ( Children love presents)
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Music Program

We at Lotus Montessori Academy believe that music is a beautiful and beneficial part of a child’s developmental process. Learning an instrument boosts self esteem, increases motor skills, and introduces young learners to new cultures.


Your child’s first years are the best time to learn a second language. When immersed with native speakers, a child absorbs the language and all its nuances with considerable ease. It is as natural as learning to walk. From stimulating brain development to social skills, it is life-enhancing on every level.

Our Distant Learning Courses Are Ready When You Are!


The Montessori methodology is naturally suited to meaningful learning at home with the guidance of our skilled Montessori educators. Our programs—adapted to an online format—continues to preserve a love of learning with a focus on the whole child. Children will have continued opportunities to problem solve; develop their independence; hone their interpersonal and time management skills; explore creative outlets; and pursue individual interests.

Weekly Learning Themes

Now Enrolling School Year 2020-2021

Come join a community that educates children responsibly!  This is not a free education, but we believe it is a great bargain when the educational quality is compared to other schools that cost much more. The Lotus Montessori Academy community moves forward with a commitment to equity, justice, diversity and inclusion.


Language Integration

Mandarin and Spanish will be integrated into the  curriculum here at Lotus Montessori Academy. Studies show that early exposure to foreign languages leads to easier fluency later on in life. Young children are still in the developmental phase where mimicking new sounds and adopting pronunciation come easily. Learning a second language develops the brain cognitively, as well as establishes an early appreciation for different cultures. At Lotus Montessori Academy, we teach our students in the hope of creating empathy and curiosity for different cultures, to prepare them for success in a global society.

Resources for Families

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