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​Lotus Montessori Academy offers year – around Montessori and summer program to students enrolled for the following year. The summer session runs for eight weeks from Monday Through Friday 8.00 am to 3pm. Children will enjoy their Montessori hands on learning as well as summer activities such as weekly crafts, Science projects, art, music sprinkler days and much more revolve around a theme. The Summer Program is also open to Children who are not currently enrolled at a Montessori school during the academic year. The classroom consists of children from 3 to 6 years old including kindergarten and elementary children.

Please contact us for information regarding our Fall 2021 in-person or distance learning programs.

Lotus Montessori Academy Summer Program  

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Lotus Montessori Academy

We are excited to announce that Lotus Montessori Academy will be offering a Distance Learning and In-person Program for the 2021-22 school year! Inquire here

We try every day to make our school the best possible environment for your child. We do this in different and special ways in the summer. Your children will benefit from maintaining their growth in a Montessori Environment where they can thrive and be nurtured among familiar friends and adults.  Children who haven’t had the Montessori experience usually figure things out rather quickly!


The summer session begins June 15th, and extends for 8 weeks. Students are welcome to take part for all of it or any part that works best for your family schedule. Siblings are also welcome!

Children will be spending beautiful summer mornings in our thriving vegetable and flower gardens, where they will observe and learn about the planting, growth, care, and harvesting of our diverse variety of fruits and vegetables. Summer students will have special classes in Yoga, Culinary Arts, Sports, Science, and Arts and Crafts. With an overarching theme of “What Does It Mean to Be a Montessorian?’, the children will learn more about our world and continue their education. Children will also be able to engage in classroom materials focusing on geography, health, reading, math, and language skills. The day’s schedule includes plenty of outside time with water play, art, movement and nap times.

To further enhance our diverse curriculum, the summer program faculty would like to send an invitation to all parents to come in and give short presentations to the summer children. Parent volunteers are welcome to come read stories to the students, give cultural presentations, and share stories and pictures about travel, work, and life experiences.           


Week Theme Lessons
Week 1: June 14-18 Community  Exploration of the world as a whole and how towns and countries fit into that space.   Children come away with a really good understanding of where they fit in the world.
Week 2: June 21-25 I am a Scientist  The world of science is a fascinating one! We will be conducting a variety of exciting experiments where we will test the effects of gravity, volume, magnetism, and temperature.
Week 3: June 28- July 02 I am an Artist  Our young artists will learn about famous artists, art techniques, and art processes. Come view our classroom art galleries!
Week 4: July 05- July 09 I am an Explorer  Students will learn about explorers and the voyages or expeditions they took.
Week 5: July 15-16 Around the World with Music Children will learn authentic, multicultural songs and games that students LOVE!!
Week 6: July 19-23 Classic Cooking Get your taste buds ready for a culinary experience full of sweet and savory flavors. Children will learn how to cook a variety of recipes to enjoy.
Week 7: July 26-30 Big Buildings Around the World   Can your child recognize famous buildings and structures around the world?
Week 8: August 02-06 We Use Science Everyday  Science is everywhere in life and we will use this last week to prove it.
Week 9: August 09-13 Little Spouts-Nature outdoor exploration and fun!


  • Camps are offered on a weekly basis during the month of June, July, and August.  You can choose the following options: (financial aid available for qualifying families)
    • Half day from 8:00-12:00 for $225 per week  
    • Full day from 8:00-3:00 for $350 per week  

Before & after care available for all summer programs:

Lotus offers before and after care for all summer programs.

7:00 – 8:00 am – $50 per week
3:00 – 5:00 pm – $100 per week

  • 25% of the total fee is non-refundable if a student withdraws prior to commencement of camp
  • No refunds after the commencement of camp

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Lotus Montessori Academy