Employment Opportunities @ Sage Montessori

Sage Montessori is dedicated to personal and professional growth for all staff members.  

Our school has been designed to recruit, mentor, and support individuals starting careers in Montessori education. 

The very structure of the school, from the staffing ratios to the way that we distribute roles and responsibilities, has been crafted to empower professionals to try new things and learn while supported by an experienced mentor.

Sage Montessori will be an intentionally diverse school community composed of families from a variety of backgrounds spanning the range of income, race, ethnicity, and religion found on Cape Cod.

Montessori Guide

We are seeking a trained Montessori Guide to partner with Ed Stanford to open Sage Montessori.  The video above provides more detailed information about what it means to be a Partner opening a Wildflower school.

In addition to experienced Guides, we encourage recent or upcoming Montessori graduates to learn more about this opportunity.

An experienced Montessori Guide is available to mentor recent graduates and support professional growth. You will have the autonomy to hone your skills while sharing with others the responsibility for learning outcomes – we want to lift you up and, at the same time, decrease the pressure to “get it right” immediately.

Curious about where Sage Montessori is located?



Assistant Educator

We are looking for individuals who are interested in Montessori education and passionate about providing a quality education for all families.   No prior experience with Montessori education is required.

You will be primarily responsible for supporting the children and the Guides in the environment.  

Montessori environments support independence and concentration for young children and require very different behaviors from adults.  This is unlike a typical child care setting . You will not be responsible for planning lessons or activities and it is not your role to entertain the children.  The video above provides a brief introduction to Montessori education and the role of the Assistant Educator.

Kindness, patience, and watchfulness are the most important traits for Montessori education.  We also treat children with kindness and dignity. We are patient while the children choose activities and provide support only when necessary.  We observe the children to discover their interests and personality so that we can choose activities that will spark concentration and joy.

When the environment is hectic you may be reading books, singing songs, or playing games with small groups, but when the environment is running smoothly you may be helping individual children, or reading a book to a child, or sitting quietly and observing the children and Guide.

Although you will begin as an Assistant, you will have access to a career path that includes opportunities for training and advancement to become a Montessori Guide.

You will have the opportunity to explore various aspects of administration, such as enrollment, marketing, parent development, etc…  When you are ready, you may choose to try out single or multiple administrative roles. We believe that this is an important professional growth opportunity.