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Join a powerful coalition for social change.

The Wildflower Montessori Diversity Initiative Fellowship Program aims to ground emerging leaders in the systemic context of social change work in education. This one year program provides nonprofit management and leadership skills, as well as hands-on experience in an existing Wildflower school. The Future Teacher-Leader Fellowship is a fully-funded one year fellowship that meets in the Cambridge area monthly. Fellows will become part of a growing network of teacher-leaders and can leverage the relationships and the skills they attain in the program to create their dream Montessori school.

Who are Wildflower Montessori Diversity Initiative Fellows?

  • People from historically underrepresented or disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Montessori certified (0-3; 3-6; 6-9; 9-12)
  • Have worked in a Montessori environment as a guide or as an assistant
  • Seek to develop, hone, and apply their leadership skills
  • Are committed to their own and others’ learning
  • Are determined to open their own Wildflower Montessori school

We actively seek to engage diverse fellows
in order to advance a leadership pipeline that reflects our communities. 

Fully Funded Program

The WMDI Fellows Program is a fully-funded fellowship for one academic year. Fellows do not pay tuition for this program.

Program Elements

  • Kick-off retreat starts the program and allows for meaningful connection among Fellows
  • 10 monthly workshops cover topics in community leadership, equity in education, and day-to-day school operations
  • Intensive exploration of Wildflower values, and discussion of the impact of power and privilege on individuals and society
  • Mentorship with experienced teacher-leaders and Foundation partners
  • Sponsored cohort based learning in Embracing Equity
  • Access to additional resources for school start up


WMDI Fellows meet in Cambridge, from mid-September through early June. The program includes:

  • A full-day retreat in the fall
  • 10 Monthly Workshops
  • Placement for hands-on work experience in a Wildflower school

Interested in joining for the 2019-2020 school year?

2019-2020 Fellows will be confirmed by April 2019.

  • Please share any words of support, questions, or requests for service.