Orchid Montessori Center for Inclusive Education

The Orchid Montessori Center for Inclusive Education is a collaboration between Orchid Montessori School, Access Speech and Holistic Therapy Group, and Autism Included. We offer a variety of classes and drop-in groups for parents and children in a neurodiversity-positive setting. Our goal is to be a resource and a safe space for families.

Calendar of Events

Click here to see our calendar of events. This document will be updated regularly.

Program and Class Descriptions

Here is a list of our outreach programming for families.

Some programs are free, and our fee-based programming is offered on a sliding-scale fee structure. If you would like to complete an application for reduced class fees, please contact us!

Montessori Mornings

These drop-in classes will allow children to explore the Montessori environment and materials. They will also provide the opportunity to “practice” attending school and to establish trusting relationships with adults and peers in a low-stress environment.

Weekly Classes

Our afternoon classes will allow students the opportunity to explore their interests within the fields of art, music, and STEM. Staff members will come prepared with some open-ended activity choices at each session, but in the spirit of Montessori education, we will follow the interests of the children, and all activities will be optional!

Inclusive Play Groups

Join us on Saturday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30 am for an inclusive play group! We will provide some open-ended activities and materials every week. This is a great way to meet other like-minded families and to learn more about supporting language development at home!

For Families and Caregivers (Coming Soon!)

Free Parent Support Groups

Family Social Events

More Than Words® Course for Caregivers

Why Montessori Inclusion?

In the Montessori classroom, all students follow an individualized plan of education.

At the heart of Montessori philosophy is the idea that we must “follow the child.” As educators and therapists, we feel that the Montessori environment is the ideal setting for an inclusion program for a number of reasons.
  • Montessori guides are trained to follow each student down their unique developmental path. For example, if a child has a natural gift for mathematics but requires support in literacy or social development, we can make a unique educational plan that provides both support and challenge as needed.
  • The prepared environment, a fundamental piece of Montessori philosophy, is well aligned with the principles of Universal Design for Learning. If a space is well-equipped to meet the needs of all learners, everyone is more likely to thrive. Our classroom will include embedded supports that will enrich language and literacy development for all children.
  • A multi-aged inclusion program will provide all children with the opportunity to serve as both leaders and followers, both role models and observers, and both teachers and students.

Participation in an inclusion program benefits all children.

Research shows that participation in an inclusion program has many benefits for all children, helping them to develop patience, empathy, and an appreciation for each child’s unique gifts and challenges.


Click on this link for the text of a study on the benefits of inclusion if you’d like to learn more: