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Metamorphosis at Mariposa

By October 9, 2023No Comments

How do we bring Montessori’s holistic, child-centered approach to the communities that need it most in Puerto Rico? How do we provide students who have experienced significant trauma a nurturing, safe educational environment where they can blossom and transform? These are the questions that catalyzed Mariposa Montessori. This innovative Montessori microschool operates in partnership with a shelter and care center for women and children who have survived domestic violence.

Mariposa opened its doors in 2021, blossoming in response to a community’s specific needs and assets. Two nonprofit partners came together to support Mariposa’s launch: 1) the Hogar Ruth—a nonprofit organization that provides care, shelter, and supportive services to women who have experienced domestic violence, and 2) Wildflower Schools Puerto Rico, a nonprofit that collaborates with educators to create community-embedded Montessori microschools that support the needs and priorities of children, parents, and teachers alike. Together they created a school that is small in scale but whose conditions can be replicated to create healing spaces for families recovering from trauma.

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