Wildflower Massachusetts Start a school startup journey

At Wildflower, we are planting the seeds for a new kind of school.

In California, we are committed to creating a beautiful community of small, intentionally diverse, authentic Montessori learning environments that are community-embedded and rooted in liberation to support children and families as they follow life’s unfolding journey.

Wildflower Massachusetts Start a school startup journey

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Open a School

Wildflower Schools is seeking innovative, equity-minded, entrepreneurial teachers who are looking to start and lead their own small-scale Montessori schools in the Bay Area. Wildflower Schools are tiny (1-2 classroom), community embedded, teacher-led, intentionally racially and socioeconomically diverse Montessori Schools. We are committed to providing each child and family what they need for a liberatory education, finding their purpose and fulfilling their potential.

We believe educational equity is possible when schools are child-centered, owned and operated by people representative of the communities from which they emerge. As a result, Wildflower Schools are extensions of the communities and are deeply influenced by each Teacher Leaders’ identities.

The vision and model for the school will be yours to shape within Wildflower’s nine principles. To learn more, explore the links below.

The School Startup Journey

Are you an innovative, equity-minded, and entrepreneurial Montessori educator? Explore the process of designing a Wildflower School.


Wildflower Schools Northern California

Are you interested in opening up an infant-toddler, primary, or elementary program in California?

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Help Us Grow

It takes a supportive ecosystem of individuals like you to enable a whole field of wildflowers to grow.  Help Wildflower support more entrepreneurial teacher-leaders, children and families, one small school at a time.

In CA, we are growing the soil to expand our program throughout the region.  Your gift nurtures beautiful, child-centered learning environments — schools that provide a one-of-a-kind learning opportunity to a diverse mix of families. We hope to make Wildflower schools an option for children and families everywhere.

Opportunities & Events

Each month, we have virtual events featuring our Teacher Leaders. Please check back, we’ll update this soon.

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