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Get Involved

Wildflower schools are started and run by individual teacher leaders who both administer the school and spend time in the classroom guiding children.

The model combines time-tested, research-supported Montessori methods in one-room, neighborhood-nested shopfronts with promising new ideas in parent engagement, intentional student diversity, and teacher empowerment.

Are you a teacher interested in starting a Wildflower School?

Wildflower schools depend on teachers who are passionate about the Montessori method and its benefits for children. The Wildflower Foundation provides resources and tools to streamline the school startup process and help teachers establish and run their schools, creating inspiring leaders and conceptually consistent schools.  If you’re interested in running your own school while being part of a supportive network, we want to hear from you. Ready to take the first step to opening a Wildflower School?

Are you a parent or an engaged community member interested in bringing a Wildflower School to your community? Contact us to learn more:

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